Vehicle & Transportation Solutions for Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

Get your students and staff where they need to be, easily

Merchants Fleet has extensive experience working with colleges, universities, and other academic institutions to connect them with the vehicles they need. Our customized short-term leases and long-term leasing programs for educational institutions offer terms as short as a few months or as long as a few years. We are proud to be affiliated with members of the ECAC, NACDA and MHEC.

Vehicles and Leases for Every Situation

We have a large selection of vehicles that meet the highest safety standards, and we offer flexible fleet leasing terms. The result is a custom fleet leasing program that gives you exactly the resources your academic institution needs.

  • Programs Customized for Your Specific Needs and Budget
  • Full-Service Option Handles Maintenance, Registration, Vehicle Pick-Up, and Delivery
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Guaranteed Contract Terms
  • Options Include 7, 8, 10, 12, and 15-Passenger Vans, Activity and Shuttle Buses, SUVs and Sedans
  • Drive New Vehicles Every Year

Fleet Solutions for Every Department

With a diverse portfolio of academic partners, we have been tasked to provide unique and reliable vehicle arrangements for a variety of projects and departments:

  • Student Transportation
  • Athletic Teams, Recreation, and Club Sports Travel
  • Admissions Recruiting
  • Research Projects
  • Student Activities and Student Government
  • Spring Break Community Outreach Programs
  • Facilities Light- and Medium-Duty Trucks and Vans


We understand that colleges and universities also need to juggle the demands of multiple departments, sometimes across multiple campuses. CampusShare, our university motor pool solution, helps you reduce your administrative burden and avoid parking lots of idle vehicles by enabling drivers to access vehicles precisely when they need them.

  • Self-Service, Online Reservation System
  • Keyless Entry, 24 Hours a Day
  • Pick Up or Drop Off at Remote or Unstaffed Motor Pool Locations
  • Automatic Immobilization to Secure Out-of-Service Vehicles
  • Vehicle Management Software to Efficiently Track and Manage Vehicle Usage and Maintenance

The Power of Vehicle Pooling

Learn how one college was able to use Merchants Fleet’s transportation solutions for academic institutions to improve vehicle utilization.