Fleet Solutions to Fit Your Industry


We offer innovative fleet solutions, tailored to your industry & fleet size

Certainly, every fleet is different. Merchants Fleet has a wide array of offerings and experts to customize a fleet solution to meet your needs for your particular business and industry. Our Leasing & Funding options range from just a few months to several years and feature both open- and closed-end lease structures. We tailor your fleet programs to not only your industry needs but also to your unique corporate objectives and challenges. Merchants Fleet has the expertise to deliver in-depth solutions to meet your complex fleet challenges.


Merchants Fleet understands the evolving needs of last mile clients and how to reduce the impact on the supply chain.

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Merchants Fleet has been serving utility companies across industries to offer the best value commercial vehicles and are ready to provide any utility fleet management needed.

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Oil & Gas
To fuel our energy needs, oil & gas companies look to Merchants Fleet to provide the transportation that keeps all people moving, and gets fuel to where it needs to be.

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With the leases and services at Merchants Fleet, agricultural companies can drive the growth and transportation of their people, products, and services.

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The Merchants Fleet team services several federal, state, and municipal agencies with specific vehicle needs to service their people and the communities they work in.

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Residential Care
Residential care and assisted living centers often require special transportation with specific upfits. Merchants has extensive experience creating solutions to meet the needs of your residents.

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Summer Camps
When the children are at your summer camp, you should be focused on fun, not on how you move them around. We provide vans and other vehicles to provide transportation for your camp.

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Merchants Fleet works with all types of automotive companies to deliver people, parts, and vehicles all over the country.

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Stay focused on what you are building, and Merchants Fleet can support the transportation needs of your teams. We have extensive experience with upfitting for construction.

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Energy Industry
The success of your energy operations depends on getting the right vehicles, on time, on budget, and on your terms. At Merchants Fleet, we provide flexible options for your project needs.

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Merchants Fleet works closely with engineering companies to provide vehicles and services that support the effective and efficient delivery of projects for their respective customers.

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Food & Beverage
Food and beverage distributors, wholesalers, and other companies selling perishable goods look to Merchants Fleet to support the transportation of their goods and people.

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Independent Contractors
Merchants Fleet knows you cannot spend precious billable hours managing your transportation needs. Work with us to stay on the road and on the job safely and efficiently.
Merchants Fleet has the vehicles, services, and expertise that provide industrial companies with the means to transport heavy cargo, people, and resources to where they need to be.
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Medical equipment and supply companies leverage Merchants Fleet services for their sales teams and transportation teams to support the health of our country.
Non-profit organizations should be focused on their mission. Let Merchants Fleet take care of your vehicles with the most cost-effective fleet solutions within your budget.
Technology is a fast-growing industry, and you have to be on the move. Keep your people on the road with the Merchants Fleet technology vehicle solutions.