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Innovative Technology

Talent, TotalView, Telematics: They all add up to superior fleet technology

As the practice of fleet management evolves, cutting-edge technologies, deployed in the most effective way, can make all the difference. Our team includes some of the brightest minds in fleet technology. Combining industry-leading skills with our vast knowledge of what makes a fleet successful, we have developed some of the most advanced tools and technologies for fleets today.



TotalView lets you access a wealth of critical vehicle and fleet data anytime, anywhere. You can customize your dashboard to monitor and manage fleet costs and trends in any way you wish. We think it is the best analytics-driven fleet technology available anywhere.

Telematics & GPS Tracking

Our telematics system combines GPS technology and the connected vehicle to provide everything you need to know about your fleet. It can help you control operating expenses, utilization, productivity, and security. You can also increase fleet efficiency through monitoring emissions, driver routing, GPS tracking, speed and idle times, system diagnostics, and more.


Our cutting-edge FleetShare program lets you take advantage of the latest pool technology to right-size your fleet, improve vehicle utilization rates, and reduce costs. With a simple online reservation system and wireless access, your drivers just activate their secure access card, reserve a pool vehicle for the hours they need, unlock the vehicle, and go. This easy-to-use system is coupled with vehicle management software, so you have full visibility into your motor pool usage and can identify opportunities for cost savings.

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