Fast, Timely Fleet License & Title Processing

License & Title

Keeping your fleet registered and on the road

Making sure your entire fleet of vehicles is registered and up-to-date is a full-time job. Merchants Fleet has a whole team dedicated to managing the license, title, and registrations of your fleet so you do not have to worry about violations or downtime. Our experts know the ins and outs of vehicle paperwork for every state. We streamline the license and title process for you, so you can skip the line at the DMV and get back to more important projects.

We Deal with Every DMV

We work with all 50 states, so no matter where you are based we have you covered. Whether you need title changes, specialty plates, interstate re-registration or registration renewals, our team can take care of it for you.

Specialized Experts

Our license and title experts are assigned to specific states, so they know the laws, processes, and standards for registering and licensing your fleet vehicles inside and out. We keep track of changes that occur from state to state, down to the municipal level. This means fewer errors and quicker turnaround – which gets you on the road faster.

Avoid Violations & Downtime

Merchants Fleet is dedicated to completing all license and title needs quickly and easily. We offer automatic monthly renewal processing, and title and registration changes are integrated with driver changes. We are here to help your fleet operations run smoothly so you avoid costly violations or downtime.

Easily Understand Administrative Costs

All charges are consolidated into a single monthly invoice – no hunting down multiple bills to understand the larger picture of your registration and title costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of leases do you offer?

Merchants Fleet believes in a tailored approach and understands leases are not a one-size-fits-all product. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need for lease funding. Some of our options include open-end, close-end, short-term leasing, re-leasing, and value leasing. We also offer fleet buyback and vehicle acquisition programs. Learn more here.

How long are your leases?

Merchants Fleet offers leases as short as a few months, up to traditional leases. Our team can help you determine what the optimal lease length is for your situation.

How quickly can I get my fleet vehicles?

Merchants Fleet works with manufacturers and dealers nationwide. Your sales executive will work with you to determine your needs and get your vehicles as soon as possible. However, timeframes may vary according to the type of vehicle you need, your specifications, and manufacturer timelines.

What is telematics?

Telematics uses GPS and integrated telecommunications to give you real-time snapshots of your fleet operations. The system sends, receives and stores information about each vehicle so you can get detailed information about speed, idle times, overall vehicle health, and driver behavior. Learn more about how telematics works and how it provides insights into your fleet.

How can I reduce my cost of ownership?

There are many ways to reduce your total cost of ownership. Examining fuel costs, idling, driver behavior, maintenance patterns, and vehicle lifecycle can all lead to opportunities for improvements. Merchants Fleet strategic consulting has a team of analytics-minded experts who can examine your fleet data to identify ways to make meaningful changes to your fleet operations. Learn more about fleet consulting.

Total Fleet Coverage

Our national footprint allows us to service clients all over the United States. No matter the size of your fleet, we’re ready to help you find a management solution that works for your business. From flexible leasing and comprehensive maintenance to innovative telematics and cost-saving fuel management, we’ll create a tailored plan to meet your needs.

There is an easier way to manage vehicle registrations.

Let Merchants Fleet handle the details of licenses, titles, and registrations for your fleet, and go back to focusing on your business. Click below or call 866.653.2737 to learn how.