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A true partner to tackle your key challenges

Our strategic consulting team combines industry experience, analytical skills, and data-driven technologies to provide tailored solutions across the fleet lifecycle. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, upgrade your fleet policies, or anything else, we devise the most effective strategies to meet your goals.

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Industry-Leading Expertise for Deeper Insights

The Merchants Fleet consulting team has the deep industry knowledge needed to identify critical factors that will have the greatest impact on your fleet operations. Our consultants average over a decade of experience in the fleet industry, and they understand that data is only part of the story when determining how to best optimize your fleet.

Merchants Fleet consultants are also dedicated to thoroughly understanding your fleet, processes, and organizational culture, so our team can make tailored recommendations that take the broader context of your business into account. By pairing data with experience and a collaborative, client-centered approach, we can help make a significant impact on your operations and your bottom line.

Step 1: Research and Analyze

We start by reviewing lifecycle cost analysis, vehicle optimization, fleet cycling & replacement strategies, resale market optimization, safety best practices, and more. With data from TotalView, we work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and use predictive analytics to deliver data-driven solutions that lead to meaningful change.

Step 2: Develop and Implement Strategies

Once we have discussed opportunities and a tailored strategy is in place, we provide tools to monitor and manage fleet costs and trends. Our consultants use a Fleet Scorecard, which examines fleet costs and performance throughout the lifecycle, and industry knowledge to deliver actionable information and targeted recommendations for improvement. We analyze major fleet costs, performance, behaviors, and sustainability goals to create benchmarks and target new opportunities.

Step 3: Continually Optimize

Our consultants will continually work with you to ensure your goals are achieved and gains are maintained over time. We view strategic consulting as an ongoing, collaborative process. We work with you to maintain an open dialogue about your fleet strategy, and we will examine your fleet’s performance regularly, at an interval that makes sense for your business. We offer proactive recommendations to drive continuous improvement, best practices, and superior performance.

Did you know that light trucks typically spend 12% of their operation time idling?

Let the Merchants Fleet strategic consulting team find opportunities to drive meaningful change for your fleet.

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