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Your time is valuable. That is why we have compiled resources to help you with your fleet management decisions. Whether you want a detailed white paper about fleet management trends, articles from fleet experts, or a quick video or infographic, we have fleet information in every format. The latest fleet news is just a click away.

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Manufacturers’ Information

Find valuable commercial leasing vehicle information in this section, providing you with new model guide and incentive links, as well as links to the major manufacturers.

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White Papers

From addressing current fleet concerns to exploring future trends, we cover the most discussed topics in fleet.

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Fleet Industry Articles

Get an in-depth look at the topics that are at the forefront of fleet. Join the experts at Merchants Fleet as they share their industry insights.

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Looking for a quick read? We’ve created a variety of infographics to help you stay informed on an assortment of fleet topics.

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Peruse our video library for insights on how to adjust to the latest issues and trends in fleet management.

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Success Stories

Hear from our customers. See how Merchants Fleet has helped customers overcome fleet challenges and optimize their fleet programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts at Merchants Fleet can answer all of your most common fleet management questions.