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Our wide selection of rental vehicles and flexible terms help you stay on track, whenever or wherever you need them.
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Expert fleet consultants, cutting-edge technology, and outside-the-box solutions to keep your business moving.
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While every fleet is unique, many organizations have distinct challenges that require a deeper level of knowledge and experience. We have worked with multiple industries and fleet sizes, from small businesses to national enterprises, for more than 60 years, and know what it takes to deliver highly customized solutions that ensure your fleet’s success.
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With customizable programs, decades of fleet experience, and a TotalView® into your fleet, Merchants Fleet is your complete fleet management resource.
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With our vehicles, we enable the movement of people, goods, and services freely & responsibly
We specialize in developing tailored fleet leasing programs and fleet management solutions. As your partner, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design the most effective fleet program for your organization. From robust analytics to the latest mobility solutions, we have everything you need to hit your performance targets and benefit from today’s most influential fleet innovations.