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Direct Driver Support

Superior client service from those who know your fleet best

Your drivers will feel secure knowing that help for just about any issue is just a call away. A representative who understands your fleet practices and services will address issues quickly and efficiently. If more support is needed, he or she will collaborate with internal and external resources to coordinate the effort. It is all about providing world-class client service and helping you feel confident in your fleet management partner.

Give Your Drivers Peace of Mind

Even if you are not enrolled in extended services, we will do our best to point drivers to the help they need from an insurance company or other resource, especially for accidents or urgent situations.

  • Representatives with Thorough Knowledge of Your Fleet Services and Policies
  • Timely, Dependable Service
  • 24/7 Responses to Just About any Situation that Arises on the Road

“Since partnering with Merchants Fleet last year, their professional team members have provided excellent service and offered innovative solutions to address our unique needs.  Merchants has proven to be a top-tier fleet management company, exceeding our expectations on all levels.”

Jim Collins
Support Services Manager, Royal Cup Coffee

“My experience has been one of overwhelming delight. Merchants facilitates the expansion of Novus Ag business possibilities with their experienced professional staff by engaging in supporting activities. Allowing Novus Ag to lease short term vehicles while factory ordering enables us to save tens of thousands while immediately placing the employee in a high-quality truck. From permitting Novus to lease agricultural, material handling assets, to fuel and maintenance programs, we consider them a valuable partner.”

Michael Gates
Corporate Services - Fleet, Novus Ag, LLC

“Floor Coverings International is proud to partner with Merchants Fleet.  Their responsiveness and consultative approach has been beneficial to us and our franchise partners.”

Neil Daley
Director of Merchandising, Floor Coverings International

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Merchants provide more insight into the acquisition and supply chain process?

We order vehicles from the OEMs in addition to upfit manufacturers. We can help you develop an acquisition strategy to ensure you receive the vehicles you need.

How does Merchants Fleet support its partners from a consulting perspective?

Our Merchants Fleet consulting team combines industry experience, analytical skills, big data, and the latest fleet technologies to provide tailored solutions across the entire fleet lifecycle. Whether you are looking to reduce costs, enhance corporate sustainability, upgrade fleet policies, or improve driver behavior, we will develop the most effective strategies to meet your goals.

How does Merchants Fleet support its partners from a technology perspective?

We have developed some of the most advanced tools and technologies for fleets today. TotalView allows you to access critical vehicle and fleet data anytime, anywhere. Our telematics system combines GPS technology and the connected vehicle to provide everything you need to know about your fleet. Our state-of-the-art technology will help you control operating expenses, utilization, productivity, and security. Our cutting-edge FleetShare program allows you take advantage of the latest pool technology to right-size your fleet, improve vehicle utilization rates, and reduce costs. TotalConnect allows you to monitor driver behavior with our connected vehicle technology. The data you receive can help eliminate the unknown so you can prioritize the safety of your drivers.

How is the upfit manage process managed?

We have an in-house upfit engineering team that will help you select the right vehicles for your fleet, spec the best aftermarket equipment, and choose the most qualified vendors for jobs. We are your single point of contact and ensure a streamlined upfit process.

What are the best vehicles for the oil and gas and mining industries?

The most popular type of commercial vehicles are typically medium-duty trucks, or any vehicle with lighter upfits, an enhanced engine, and four-wheel drive. These include the Ford F-250, RAM 2500, Nissan Titan XD, Chevy Silverado 2500HD, and GMC Sierra 2500HD.

What are the benefits of an outsourced fleet management company?

A fleet management solution will help keep you and your company running safely and efficiently. Benefits include reducing operational costs, reducing administrative burden, lowering fleet repair costs, and ensuring the highest level of safety for you and your employees. Even if you own your own vehicles, we can help. We can add fleet management services to help with administration time and manage operational costs.

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