NYC to Roll Out Congestion Toll in 2021


Merchants Fleet's Vice President of Fleet Strategy, Dan Hannan, weighs in on the news that New York City will be implementing new tolls to reduce traffic in Manhattan. Go to the Article

NYC to Roll Out Congestion Toll in 20212019-04-03T08:30:27+00:00

FCA Invests $4.5B in Jeep, Ram Expansion


Automotive Fleet spoke to Senior Vice President of Sales Tom Coffey about the news that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is planning to invest $4.5 billion in five Michigan assembly plants. Go to the Article

FCA Invests $4.5B in Jeep, Ram Expansion2019-03-20T12:28:33+00:00

Future Fleet Management Trends


The automotive industry is in the midst of undergoing changes that will greatly impact the future of fleet management as we know it. Automotive Fleet reached out to Merchants Fleet to help create a sense of what some aspects of the future of fleet will look like in the coming decade. Go to the Article

Future Fleet Management Trends2019-03-06T12:24:02+00:00

Higher Motor Oil Prices Nudge Preventive Maintenance Costs Up


Preventive maintenance (PM) expenses were slightly higher in 2018 because of the increased cost of crude oil, but this was offset by improvements in engine design, onboard oil monitoring technology, and improved oil quality, allowing fleets to extend oil drain intervals. Oil drain intervals will continue to lengthen as older vehicles are retired from fleet service. Go to the Article

Higher Motor Oil Prices Nudge Preventive Maintenance Costs Up2019-03-06T14:02:23+00:00

Fuel Prices Increase Fleet Operating Costs


“There was additional consumption driven by Hurricane Florence that caused catastrophic damage in the Carolinas in September 2018. Fleets going to aid in recovery efforts consumed more fuel than was anticipated for the month of September. With many vehicles that fueled early prior to the storm, demand in the Southeast has been low compared to other regions and is only now starting to return to normal,” said George Albright, assistant director of maintenance for Merchants Fleet. Go to the Article

Fuel Prices Increase Fleet Operating Costs2019-03-06T14:13:16+00:00

Strategies to Reduce Fuel Spend


“Many fleets are working with their consultants to evaluate their fleet’s performance and are looking for additional engine efficiencies. Engine efficiency and advanced engine technology will continue to be an effective way to counteract higher gasoline prices,” said George Albright, assistant director of maintenance for Merchants Fleet Management. “Additionally, fleets are exploring the concept of mobile fueling, which allows for a streamlined supplier-to-provider approach to keep fuel costs competitive with retail stations. The benefits to the fleet include reduced labor costs, reduced downtime, and employee retention.”Go to the Article

Strategies to Reduce Fuel Spend2019-03-06T14:43:58+00:00

Vehicle Depreciation Should Rise in 2019


Companies with a large percentage of trucks in their fleets leaned toward more aggressive cycling policies, in order to take advantage of the sustained strong market.That was an observation made by Bill Croke, manager of analytics for Merchants Fleet.Go to the Article

Vehicle Depreciation Should Rise in 20192019-03-06T14:12:31+00:00

How an RFI Can Improve Your RFP


While requests for proposals (RFPs) remain a nearly mandatory process for government agencies in the purchasing process, they have been less prevalent in corporate procurement, especially outside of the Fortune 500."An RFI collects mostly qualitative information that helps determine if potential suppliers can meet the needs of the desired product or service," said Rob Daziel, director of supply chain management for Merchants Fleet.Go to the Article

How an RFI Can Improve Your RFP2019-03-11T15:03:22+00:00

Michigan Legalizes Recreational Marijuana


Michigan became the first Midwest state and the tenth in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use during Nov. 6 voting. The Great Lakes State's move comes at a time when researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently concluded that legalizing marijuana for recreational use is having a negative impact on road safety."As more and more states make this transition, society is making tradeoffs," said Tom Coffey, senior vice president of sales of Merchants Fleet Management. "No doubt this has become a civil liberties or personal freedoms issue. However, there is little to no upside from business productivity or driver safety [...]

Michigan Legalizes Recreational Marijuana2019-03-29T08:02:24+00:00
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