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What is mobility?

The term “mobility” has long been an integral part of fleet management, but in today’s ever-changing world, it has evolved into something far more extensive. Mobility now stands as a new way of thinking; a transformative, on-demand philosophy that can unlock new opportunities in delivering the most efficient transportation that is needed, when it is needed, and for exactly how long it is needed.

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Short-Term Leasing & Long-Term Rentals

We understand that not all projects are created equal. When you are on a project, you may have increased or varied daily vehicle needs, the time frame may change, or you may require different vehicles, such as vans, pickups, or other specialty transportation. No matter if your company needs a short-term fleet leasing solution for seasonal business or a long-term rental for ongoing project-based work, our team of fleet industry leaders collaborate with you to develop a custom fleet leasing solution that aligns with your operational goals and budgetary allocation.

With unlimited mileage options and leasing terms starting as little as three months, our flexibility will maximize your return on investment and deliver the right vehicles to take on any job that comes your way. In addition, we provide continued fleet management service and guidance for short-term leases and long-term rentals to help your fleet function at its highest levels.

Pool Management

FleetShare is a revolutionary vehicle-sharing program for any commercial business or institution looking for a way to manage their fleet or motor pool more efficiently. With FleetShare’s innovative online and in-car wireless technologies, you have total control of daily operations and reporting, as well as convenient self-service reservations and keyless vehicle access for your drivers. The “one vehicle with many drivers” approach ensures that every asset of your fleet achieves its highest levels of utilization.

Achieving true fleet optimization can only occur when a strategically constructed plan is firmly in place. Backed by the brightest minds in the fleet industry, FleetShare will uncover any vehicle usage or maintenance inefficiencies, track accountability at the driver level, and improve the overall effectiveness of your fleet.

While you benefit from increased efficiency and reduced administration, your drivers reap the benefits of FleetShare’s easy-to-use technology, which gives them more control. Drivers can easily make and change reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they can pick up or drop off vehicles after-hours without needing staff assistance.

Total Cost of Mobility​

Gain control of your fleet costs by harnessing the power of mobility. By partnering with Merchants Fleet, you gain instant access to significant benefits of working with a true fleet management consultant.

Merchants Fleet uses data and analytics to identify opportunities to rightsize your fleet and improve efficiencies, giving you the insights needed to allocate your resources to where and when you need them most. In leveraging mobility’s full capabilities, optimize your fleet spend by varying your fleet size with the right vehicles for the right duration.

Merchants Fleet has fleet management consultants who can help you understand your total cost of mobility. When total cost of mobility begins to factor in all modes of transportation, not just fleet, efficiency will truly be limitless. Read more about the future of mobility.


Mobility is designed to provide the most efficient means of transportation to lower costs, save you time, and utilize your resources to their utmost potential.


Knowing you have unique vehicle and transportation needs, we offer customizable solutions that bend and flex to your requirements.


Whether you need a traditional lease or a vehicle for as short as a few months, we can adapt and adhere to your schedule and provide a proficient short-term lease or long-term rental plan that meets you at every duration of time you need.


Whenever and wherever you need a vehicle, we will deliver it directly to your business or project site.

Special Programs

Truck Rental

Having the right tools in place ensures that your team can perform their duties with the highest levels of confidence, professionalism, and precision. Our expertise, coupled with a vast network of fleet partners, allows us to expertly design and execute complete upfit and truck rental solutions that best serve your specific needs and industry.

Our lineup of highly-skilled truck specialists will ensure your best interests always come first and your project is on-time and within your budget. They have 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of industries, including engineering, adventure tourism, construction, electrical, oil and gas, telecommunications, infrastructure, mining, and pipelines. Plus, with truck rental packages that offer top-quality vehicles, off-road use, towing, and added safety equipment, they will match you with a rental that won’t hold you back from getting the job done right.

Summer Camps

Merchants Fleet Mobility Leasing Services has been counted on by summer camps to provide multi-passenger vehicles and activity buses for over 50 years. Our flexible short-term leasing programs, with terms that can match your season, provide an extensive range of options that will best meet the needs of summer camps.

With 24/7 roadside assistance and driver safety educational courses, Merchants Fleet not only provides reliable transportation, we deliver affordable full-service fleet solutions around the clock.

  • Flexible Terms so You Have Fleet Vehicles When You Need Them, Without the Expenses of Ownership During the Off-Season
  • Newest Vehicles Utilized
  • Simple and Guaranteed Reservation Process
  • National Pickup and Delivery
  • Volume and Multi-year Discounts Available

Colleges & Universities

Merchants Fleet has a variety of quality, safe vehicles, plus custom leasing solutions to meet the needs of academic institutions. Our options include activity buses, multi-passenger vans, sedans, and SUVs that can be leased for terms that match your academic calendar. We are proud to be affiliated with members of the ECAC, NACDA and MHEC.

We offer newer vehicles at an all-inclusive, fixed cost so no capital is needed. With a diverse portfolio of academic partners, we have experience providing unique and reliable vehicle arrangements for a variety of groups and departments:

  • Student Transportation
  • Athletic Teams, Recreation, and Club Sports Travel
  • Admissions Recruiting
  • Research Projects
  • Student Activities and Student Government
  • Spring Break Community Outreach Programs
  • Facilities Light and Medium Duty Trucks and Vans

We understand that colleges and universities also need to juggle the demands of multiple departments, sometimes across multiple campuses. CampusShare, our university motor pool solution, helps you avoid parking lots of idle vehicles by enabling authorized drivers to access vehicles at a central location through self-service online reservations, so everyone has vehicle access precisely when they need it.

Corporate Projects

There are times when your business takes on a project that has special requirements and you need fact-based recommendations and flexible leasing options to fit your needs accordingly, fast. The Merchants Fleet mobility leasing team specializes in getting companies the right vehicle for their needs, on demand. Not only can we help to determine which vehicle is best for the job, we will have it delivered on time and on budget.

Our team has helped companies with a wide variety of projects, including fleet fill-ins, fleet expansions, campaign transportation needs, events, and seasonal & project needs. Your company will benefit from a vast selection of vehicles, custom mileage options, and a team of experienced fleet professionals that can assist you with corporate fleet management. Whether you need specialty vehicles, shuttle bus leasing for a corporate event, or want to explore your options for company pool cars, Merchants Fleet mobility experts are here to help.

Efficient. Flexible. Timeless. Boundary-less.

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