Connected Vehicle Technology for Commercial Fleets

The Time for Total Fleet Visibility is Now

Merchants Fleet’s connected vehicle technology TotalConnect, powered by MOTORQ, gives you the deep visibility into your fleet you need to make effective, analytic driven improvements. With TotalConnect, multiple sources of your fleet data are seamlessly consolidated into a single dashboard, enabling you to see data from a variety of telematics providers & OEMs in one platform.

Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions

Get the information you need, when you need it, to make effective decisions about your fleet operations and driver behavior management:

  • Vehicle Location, Mapping, Geofencing, & Breadcrumbing
  • Trip & Event History with Mapped Events & Details
  • Vehicle Utilization & Driver Behavior Dashboards
  • Driver Behavior Top Offenders & Exception Management
  • Diagnostic Codes, Events, & Alerts
  • Mileage, Trip, Behavior & Events Reporting & Mileage Integration
  • State of the Art PowerBI Dashboard Visualizations

Seamless Integration

It’s as simple as give VIN, get data. TotalConnect delivers cutting edge vehicle visibility, starting as soon as the vehicle leaves the factory.

With no aftermarket devices required and universal connectivity, you can achieve deeper visibility into your fleet:

  • All Data Provided Effortlessly Via the Vehicle
  • Eliminate Device Installation, Administration & Costs
  • One Platform for All Connected Vehicle Data

Uncover Cost Savings

Cost management is a top concern for all fleets, and visibility into vehicle performance and driver behavior is critical to reducing safety incidents, downtime, and nonpreventative maintenance. For example, driver behavior management can reduce speeding instances by 43%.

  • Take Advantage of the Power of Analytics to Improve Your Fleet’s Safety Profile
  • Leverage Odometer & Engine Hour Integrations to Make Effective Management Decisions
  • Real Time Behavior, Maintenance, & Safety Alerts

Fleet Data Made Easy & Understandable

No more digging through spreadsheets and platforms to spot meaningful trends. TotalConnect makes it easy to identify fleet behaviors and opportunities with an intuitive, simplified interface. Data is updated in real-time, and compatibility is available with a variety of telematics providers & OEMs.

  • State of the Art Dashboard Visualizations
  • Focus on What You Need to Manage Through a Simplified Interface
  • Easily Identify the Behaviors Having the Greatest Impacts & Opportunity Within Your Fleet

All of your fleet data in one, easy-to-use platform? It’s possible.

Click below or call 866.653.2737 to start your pilot and let Merchants Fleet show you the power of TotalConnect.