Artificial Intelligence Will Be a Game Changer for Fleet Management Companies


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, but it is picking up speed in the fleet management space and will play a key role in transforming the industry landscape. It will, without a doubt, accelerate the rate at which Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) can deliver more value and improve the overall client experience.

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Harnessing Data to Innovate Fleet Strategy


Every organization strives to leverage data to drive their business and lower costs.  Fleets have many sources of data, but harnessing and focusing the data to an effective solution is evasive for many.  Over the years and after working with hundreds of fleets, there are several key principles required to drive true savings, which requires actionable data and culture focus. Haves Versus Have-Nots Many organizations lack the proper data to establish a baseline or set realistic goals.  While they may know what they spend in total for various areas of the fleet like fuel, lease and maintenance, per unit costs, [...]

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5 Ways Fleet Companies Can Improve Their Work Culture


This past summer, I read a statistic that made me think about how many companies struggle with employee satisfaction and workplace cultures: according to a Wall Street Journal article, 51% of American workers reported being satisfied with their jobs. But what surprised me the most about this statistic was that it was being celebrated. This number was touted as being the highest since 2005, an indicator of “rising job contentment.” Rather than be excited by this development, I couldn’t help but think that 51% is not nearly high enough. Companies – including those in the fleet industry - simply cannot [...]

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The Flexibility Factor


As fleet management companies become harder to differentiate with increasingly similar sets of fleet services and solutions, flexibility is becoming a key differentiator. Tom Coffey, Senior Vice President of Sales at Merchants Fleet, discusses how scalability in services, flexibility in leasing, and adaptability in client service are key for companies with fleets to have the most efficient operation. It is also how fleet companies can stay on the cutting edge, now and in the future. Using Flexibility to Stay Competitive The ability of a fleet company to leverage flexibility across their business depends on what types of clients a fleet [...]

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Access Instead of Ownership – The Latest Mobility Model


Mobility is continuing to evolve. As technology advances at an ever-faster pace, mobility brings new and innovative options that fleets can leverage to save time and money. One of the latest movements in mobility we are seeing is a move toward vehicle access.

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FleetTech: What It Is & Why it Matters


FMCs are entering a new era, where they are increasingly called upon to be as knowledgeable about data and technology as vehicle models, fuel, and maintenance. Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Jeanine L. Charlton discusses the latest trends in fleet technology and how FMCs should move toward using technology to improve both fleet performance and financial performance, a powerful combination called “FleetTech.” Defining FleetTech The term FleetTech, a combination of the words “fleet” and “technology,” is used when describing tech-based fleet services. While the word FleetTech is not that well known, even among those in the technology and [...]

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Merchants Fleet Outlook 2019: A Message from Brendan P. Keegan, Chief Executive Officer


As the clock struck midnight on January 1st, I officially wrapped up my first full year as CEO at Merchants Fleet. It has been a rewarding experience to look back on 2018 and see how much Merchants has grown, and I can see how 2018 was just a starting point for us. 2018 was a record-setting year in more ways than one, and we are set to make history again in 2019. First, I’d like to reflect on a historic year with an incredible company, and [...]

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Merchants Fleet Outlook 2019

A Message from
Brendan P. Keegan,
Chief Executive Officer

The 2019 strategic direction for Merchants Fleet - The New Face of Fleet
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