Salt River Project EV Feasibility Study

EV Industry Experts Unlock Savings on EV Costs

The Merchants Fleet EV Team is leading the charge in strategically assisting commercial fleet customers identify and apply for grants, rebates, and incentives to help with the cost for electric vehicles (EVs) and associated charging infrastructure.  

Learn more about how we’ve utilized one unique incentive, valued at $88,000, across five clients. 

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pre-approved incentives across the five companies
Merchants Commercial Fleet Clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to large private organizations utilizing light, medium, and/or heavy-duty vehicles
realized to date across the five companies

Guiding Fleets to EV Grants & Incentives

Merchants’ EV team includes specialists that solely focus on discovering and assisting organizations apply for qualifying grants, rebates, and incentives to help reduce the cost of their EV fleet. One unique and innovative incentive the Merchants EV Team identified pays commercial fleets to learn more about EVs in an EV Feasibility Study. Salt River Project, or SRP, is a community-based, not-for-profit organization providing affordable water and power to more than 2 million people in central Arizona as well as providing grants and rebates to businesses for energy savings.

This program compares internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs, considering variables such as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that includes maintenance costs, fuel costs, and environmental impact. If a commercial fleet decides to purchase, lease, or rent EVs after the study is complete, they will be awarded more money.  The total potential for this particular incentive is $14,000 – $20,000 depending on the number and type of vehicles studied (light, medium, and/or heavy duty).

Yes, These Clients Really Got Paid to Learn About EVs

In Q2 2023, Merchants assisted five commercial fleets in utilizing the SRP incentive securing a total value of $88,000.  While this particular program from SRP has ended, our EV experts are ready to help your organization locate other active rebates and incentives in your area. When dealing with time-sensitive programs, it’s always important to act quickly and work with experts to ensure your submitted application meets all requirements. There are many more incentives out there that can help ease the costs of fleet electrification and the associated infrastructure.

Why Choose Merchants Fleet?

When it comes to EV adoption, no two fleets are alike. It’s paramount to find EV Consultants that you can trust to assess your fleet and identify the best path to EV adoption. At Merchants, this includes a holistic approach in everything from charging and infrastructure to grants and tax credits. These five companies acted decisively trusting Merchants’ guidance and recommendations. More and more businesses are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint when it comes to transportation. EVs are the fastest way to sustainability and working with Merchants is the least risky way to do it.