Preparing Yourself & Your Fleet for the EV Movement

Preparing Yourself & Your Fleet for the EV Movement

November 17, 1:30-2:00 p.m. EST

As electric vehicle [EV] battery expenses have come down, so has the sticker price of EVs, which means now is a great time for fleets to start integrating this technology and reaping the financial benefits. Our EV team will dive into why now is an ideal time to explore your EV options and how it can impact your bottom line, and the session will wrap up with Q&A:

  • Why EVs, and Why Now?
  • EV Impacts on Origination Costs & TCO
  • EVs Available on the Market Today
  • What to Look for in an EV Offering

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Lisa Bonacci, Director of Innovation
Brad Jacobs, Vice President, Fleet Consulting
George Albright, Director, Fleet Maintenance
Candice Groth, Director of Operations, Fleet Acquisitions