Lease Payment Reduction Through Data Evaluation

Description of the Company

An agricultural services company operating light and medium duty vehicles in a delivery application.


Continuous improvement and driving costs out of a sophisticated fleet program is an ever-present challenge for experienced fleet professionals. Seasoned fleet managers align lease structures and support programs with their organization’s operational needs. Once initiatives are up and humming, it’s time to finely-tune things to improve the overall quality. After implementing foundational work, our client wanted to turn his attention towards lowering monthly lease payments while reducing vehicle downtime and fleet maintenance costs.


Our team leveraged data from our fleet management software, TotalView, to evaluate mileage accumulation and vehicle application, which enabled segmentation of the fleet. Once the allocation took place, fleet lease structures were reviewed and, where appropriate, restructured to better align with the expected service life. Further, future order planning and budgeting efforts were updated to utilize the segmented structures for vehicle replacement and growth needs.

By aligning the fleet leasing programs with actual usage, the company experienced a $200 reduction in average lease payments per vehicle, per month. Average maintenance costs also declined by over $100 per unit.

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Adapting your fleet leasing structure to improve cash flow. Imagine that.

$200 Reduction in Vehicle Lease Payment Per Month
Average Maintenance Costs Lowered by Over $100 Per Unit