Adopting a Managed Fleet Program

Description of the Company

A nuclear pharmacy company operating passenger and light duty vehicles in a delivery application.


Every fleet manager continually searches for ways to improve fleet efficiency while saving money. Faced with an increase in fleet maintenance spend and vehicle downtime, our client was experiencing an influx of factors that soon led to budgetary concerns and lost manpower.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed, our customer contacted us to help create a customized fleet tracking solution that would enable them to access and analyze critical data points. Backed by our industry-leading fleet management software, TotalView (LINK), our client elected and rolled out a managed maintenance program. Our team configured preventative maintenance alerts, scheduled field reports, and provided training and access to TotalView which enabled data-informed decisions. Our expert technical consultants also provided support for every maintenance transaction.

These techniques immediately paid dividends by driving proactive management of field behavior as the adherence to PM policies ultimately reduced the number of unplanned repairs and increased vehicle uptime. And the numbers don’t lie. In the first 6 months of the program, the organization realized an 18% savings in fleet maintenance costs and expects to maintain a $40 reduction in vehicle upkeep per month.

Discover how a managed maintenance program and fleet maintenance management software can lower your maintenance spend. Contact us today…because you should always settle for better.

Lowering your overall maintenance spend. Imagine that.

$40 Reduction in Vehicle Maintenance Costs Per Month
18% Reduction in Fleet Maintenance Costs in the First 6 Months