The Latest University Motor Pool Technology


Moving students, staff, and sports teams on demand

Academic institutions have the unique challenge of balancing the needs of multiple departments, sometimes across multiple campuses. CampusShare, our university motor pool technology, empowers you to give drivers 24/7 access to the vehicles they need while giving you detailed reports on daily operations.

With the ability to book vehicles for only the amount of time they are needed, you reduce idle time and improve efficiencies, all with a platform that is easy to use for drivers, staff, coaches, and other decision makers.

Reduce Administrative Burden

With easy, fast, self-service reservations and keyless access to motor pool vehicles, university staff and groups can pick up and drop off vehicles at their convenience – even at remote or unstaffed sites. Having your fleet vehicles on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows you to always keep your campus moving while eliminating time spent on reservations and coordination. When vehicles are between or out-of-service, they can automatically be immobilized, and keyless access means fewer lost keys and vandalized drop boxes.

Access New Vehicles On-Demand

With CampusShare, you can tap into a pool of new vehicles, including passenger vans, specialty vehicles, buses, sedans, and SUVs, so each department has the vehicle that fits their job, precisely when they need it. Vehicles are located at easy-to-access, centralized locations, and online reservations make it simple to track which vehicles are available, booked, or out of service.

Increase Flexibility & Reduce Costs

By using a membership-based model to grant access to a centralized pool of vehicles, CampusShare boosts flexibility and convenience. Your institution only pays for the vehicle usage needed. Instead of taking on the risks and costs of vehicle ownership or incurring the high costs of a daily rental, you are able to use vehicles for as little as an hour or two and simply pay as you go.

Flexible, on-demand campus transportation.

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