The EV Adoption Solution that Helps You Get from Concept to Execution

EV Adoption Assessment & Planning

Measure. Model. Adopt.

Adopting EVs begins with creating a plan for a successful transition. Bridging the gap between strategy and execution can be difficult without the right partner to help. Merchants Fleet has the big data analytical tools and deep expertise in electrification to asses your fleet needs, understand your electrification and sustainability goals, and identify the best path forward for your organization to begin adopting EVs.

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Benefits of EV Implementation

  • Advance Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Become a Clean Energy Leader

Fleet Data Analysis

Merchants conducts a comprehensive analysis of your fleet from fuel, telematics, vehicle weight class, daily trips, vehicle age and mileage data. Organizational goals are then assessed for feasibility.

Analysis Details

  • Fuel & Telematics Data Ingestion​
  • Vehicle Weight Class​
  • Vehicle Age & Miles​
  • Daily Trips​
  • Design Distance​

Vehicle Recommendations

Based on the findings from the Fleet Data Analysis, suitable EVs are recommended that match vehicle type, upfit, class and range requirements of current ICE vehicles and their function.

Charging & Energy

Vehicle chargers by type and quantity are recommended by location to satisfy daily charging needs. Charging recommendations are aligned with EVs, with an emphasis on mitigating unnecessary expenses from demand charges, time of use rates and variable utility rate structures.

Sustainability & Economic Savings

Merchants compares the total cost of ownership of your ICE vehicles to recommended EVs. Location specific recommendations are also identified, including state, local, and municipality grants and incentives.

EV Adoption

A custom EV adoption plan best suited to meet your organizational goals and needs is created by our EV experts and fleet team. You will also recieve personalized options available to execute your adoption, including vehicle reservations, ordering and leasing, EVSE charging and funding options, grants and incentives strategizing, complete access to our robust ecosystem of EV partners, comprehensive energy services, and upfront cash options to cycle your existing ICE fleet.

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