Semiconductor Industry Updates

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This page was last updated on January 28, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Today’s market is experiencing a variety of factors that have added up to create a “perfect storm” of vehicle acquisitions challenges. Most notably has been the semiconductor shortage, which is dominating supply chain headlines. Several OEMs have announced production cutbacks this year, causing sudden shifts in buildout dates and closures of order banks. Unfortunately, the semiconductor shortage is not a problem with a short-term fix, so we expect these supply impacts to be ongoing. We encourage fleets to be proactive, flexible, and responsive in managing their vehicle acquisitions strategy, and we are here to assist you in those efforts.

To better help you track these ongoing shifts in supply and build out dates, we will be updating this page regularly with the latest semiconductor and supply chain updates. You can also track order and build out date changes here.

Latest Updates

January 28, 2022

Due to a number of extraordinary conditions including extreme weather, vehicle shortages, staffing shortages, and increased absenteeism caused by the ongoing pandemic, we have begun to experience increasing challenges with roadside assistance and inquiry response times. In some extremely rare instances, roadside support may not be available in certain areas. In general, most service providers arrive within 75 minutes of the initial call, but can sometimes exceed 150 minutes in unique circumstances.

Merchants has consistent communication with our roadside providers, including bi-weekly service meetings with our primary servicer, and will continue to partner closely with our roadside providers until conditions normalize.


OEM Updates

Please visit our manufacturer’s information page for the latest build-out dates.