Get Your Fleet Ready for Winter

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Written By: Landon McKay, Senior Fleet Consultant

Here it comes. The thermometer is dropping, and the season for snow, sleet, and salty roads is looming. In fact, the frozen precipitation has already started to fall in some states, and even those warmer climates will face many months of stormy conditions. This is the time of year when fleet vehicles should be ready for the changing weather. Just a few preventative measures will help keep drivers safe, mitigate downtime, and extend vehicle life.

Winter can be more challenging to fleet operations than other times of the year, but ultimately, keeping vehicles well-maintained and creating a culture that continuously promotes driver safety can address potential issues before they become full-blown problems.

Here are a few best practices you can implement today to keep your fleet on the road this year:

  • Make sure insurance policies and all documentation are up to date and that drivers keep IDs and emergency contacts current.
  • Make sure fluids are topped off and you’re current on preventative maintenance.
  • Utilize good all-season tires or snow tires for areas that experience heavy ice and snowfall.
  • Stay on top of preventative maintenance. Ensure braking systems are fully operational and pads and rotors are replaced if low.
  • Keep all vehicles properly stocked with emergency and first aid kits and replenish supplies where needed.
  • Fleets using fuel cards should have a “storm profile” in place that anticipates the impact of increased fuel needs during emergencies.
  • For electric fleets, keep charging areas clear and well-maintained to ensure accessibility and reliability, and to prevent slips and falls.

Fleet operators have a lot on their plates, so many of them turn to fleet management companies for maintenance, roadside assistance, driver safety programs, and more. Merchants Fleet works with a wide range of organizations to optimize daily fleet operations and provides a range of services to manage weather-related risks including storm preparedness programs.

If you would like to speak with a Merchants Fleet expert to explore what a fleet management partner can offer, call 866.653.2737 or contact us.

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