The World Has Changed This Year - Has Your Fleet Strategy?

We Deliver on Solutions to Evolve Your 2020 Fleet Strategy

Solutions to Evolve Your 2020 Fleet Strategy

The mid-year point is a natural time to take stock of what your goals for the year were and how you are tracking to those goals. However, this year has been exceptional, so simply measuring progress against your original goals will likely not be enough. A re-evaluation and restructuring of your goals may be more appropriate..

Our team is ready and available to help you adapt and keep moving, so please contact us if you need assistance with your vehicle operations.

Reach out to us to find programs that will update your fleet strategy.

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Programs That Keep You on the Road

Our fleet experts have been developing programs & resources so companies can either continue to adapt if they have stayed on the road or safely & quickly get back on the road if they were closed. This checklist highlights steps you can take to make sure your fleet is ready to adapt to new fleet best practices in light of the recent pandemic.

Flexible Options to Easily Adapt Your Fleet Strategy

Mobility Rental Program
Get a short-term lease on the vehicle you need quickly, have it delivered to you, and we will take it back when you’re done.
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ReadyFleet™ Program
We have near-new and pre-owned fleet available now, nationwide, to fulfill your vehicle needs as you wait for factory order vehicles.
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Mobility Pool List
Access an online portal listing our nationwide inventory so you can find what you need and rent, purchase, or lease a unit according to your specific needs.
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Last Mile Delivery Program
If you have a last mile delivery operation or you’re looking to start one, Merchants has a specialized fulfillment center dedicated to last mile delivery. We have flexible terms and fast, nationwide vehicle delivery.
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Increase Cash Flow & Streamline Operations

Sale & Leaseback Program
Free up cash flow while streamlining your fleet operations. Our Sale & Leaseback allows you to restructure & consolidate all of your leases with one provider or convert your owned vehicles to leases.
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GuaranteeTRAC™ Program
If you need to dispose of leased or owned vehicles, our remarketing team will evaluate your vehicles and give you an upfront offer that you can take advantage of to increase cash flow immediately.
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Convertible Lease Program
Take advantage of a short-term lease and convert that same vehicle to a long-term lease later, while keeping your driver behind the wheel.
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Vehicle Lifecycle Program
Some companies with essential use vehicles, are opting to cycle their vehicles now to reduce maintenance & fuel spend and get their drivers in safer and cost-effective options.
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We Understand Your Business

Your business and industry are specific, and so are your needs. Merchants has been working with multiple industries for years and we have experts on our team that can help. Here are just a few of the industries where we have expertise:

  • Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Chemical
  • Defense
  • Emergency Services
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Utilities

In Need of Vehicles? We Have Fleet Available!

If you are in need of vehicles to get back on the road, contact us below.

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