ClearCharge™ Home Frequently Asked Questions

ClearCharge Home Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClearCharge Home?

ClearCharge Home is a turnkey solution for home EV charger installations provided by Merchants Fleet.

How do I sign up for ClearCharge Home?

Contact Merchants Fleet to request details about the ClearCharge Home product and talk with an expert about how to implement this within your fleet.

What charging station providers are included in ClearCharge Home?

Merchants Fleet is currently partnering with ChargePoint for ClearCharge home installations.

How much does a ClearCharge Home installation cost?

While every home installation is different, the ClearCharge Home program has a tiered pricing structure for home installations across the U.S. Each installation is reviewed by a licensed electrician to identify the cost tier for each home installation.

Who approves the ClearCharge Home installation projects?

Merchants Fleet will work with your organization to establish program specifics including a project approval process and cost thresholds. This process will be followed for each installation quote received under your program.

How long does a ClearCharge Home installation take?

Once your company is enrolled in ClearCharge Home, the timeline will depend on the scope of work required for each installation. The licensed electrician providing the quote can also discuss the timeline required to perform each installation. A typical process timeline for an installation through the ClearCharge Home program is 6-8 weeks.

How do I find a licensed electrician to perform my installation(s)?

Merchants Fleet partners with a national charging station installation partner to facilitate home EV charger installations. This partner will identify a licensed, local electrician to provide a home assessment and installation quote for each home identified for the ClearCharge Home program.

Do I need a special plug or electrical connection to install a home EV charger?

Home EV chargers require a 240V electrical connection. The licensed electrician assigned to a project will determine a cost effective and reliable approach to any given set of conditions in a home.

How do I know if I have enough electricity to support an EV charger at my home?

The licensed electrician who performs the home assessment will identify this information and make recommendations to support an effective home charging solution.

Is a WIFI connection required for ClearCharge Home charging station installations?

Yes. Each charging station must be connected to a WIFI signal to communicate with the charging network’s online portal to provide charging session data to your organization.

What information is shared with the charging network’s online portal?

The charging station serial number, installation address, charging station status, usage data and driver name are among the items shared with the ChargePoint portal.

How is charging data shared with the charging network’s online portal?

Once the home charging station installation is complete, Merchants Fleet will dispatch a welcome email to each driver to enroll in the ClearCharge Home portal. This enrollment links each home charging station to the organization’s online portal.

Are home charging reimbursement reports available through ClearCharge Home?

Merchants Fleet can supply organizations with a report to detail the amount of electricity used by each home charging station. Each organization is responsible to define how they will reimburse employees for electricity used for home EV charging. Drivers should contact their organization’s Fleet Manager or HR Department to discuss the company policy on home charging reimbursements.

How are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) estimates calculated for the Home Energy Reimbursement Report?

GHG savings calculations are based on the energy dispensed through each organization’s charging stations. ChargePoint estimates how far an EV can travel using the energy from the stations, calculates the emissions caused by generating this electricity and compares this with the emissions that would be generated by a gas-powered vehicle going the same distance. Learn more about GHG emissions calculations.

How are gasoline savings estimates calculated for the Home Energy Reimbursement Report?

ChargePoint uses Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates in a formula that derives the gasoline savings from how much energy your charging stations have provided to EVs, which is a measure of how many miles have been driven on electricity instead of gasoline. Here are the estimates used in the calculation:
  • The North America passenger car average fuel efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal
  • ChargePoint estimates the average efficiency of an EV to be 3.0 mi/kWh
  • Combining these numbers, the result is 3.0 / 23.9 = 0.1255 gallons/kWh of Gasoline Savings.

Driver Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have power to my charging station?

Charging stations display status lights on the front of the charging station. If there are no lights displayed, there is no power running to the charging station. If the charging station does not have power, please contact the certified electrician who completed the installation for assistance. If you do not have your installer’s information, please contact Qmerit Concierge service at 1.888.272.0090.

Why does my charging station not have power?

Please contact the certified electrician that completed the installation. If you do not have your installer’s information, please contact Qmerit Concierge service at 1.888.272.0090.

My Charging station has power; why is my vehicle still not charging?

Check the connection to the vehicle to be sure connector is fully plugged in. If your vehicle requires an adapter, be sure the adapter is fully secured to the charging station’s connector and this connector is fully plugged into the vehicle. Check the in-vehicle display for any error messages. Check the ChargePoint mobile app for any error messages. Contact the charging station provider for assistance: ChargePoint 24/7 support - 1.888.758.4389 or get help online.

Is there a way to turn off or restart the charging station?

There is no reset button or on/off switch on the charging station. Turning off the circuit breaker for the charging station is the only way to remove power to the charging station.

Why is my Charging station not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Check your home's internet access – Consult your internet service provider if your home internet is not functioning properly. Wi-Fi password confirmation: Have you recently changed your Wi-Fi password? Be sure to update this in your charging stations mobile device. If home internet is functioning properly and the charging station is still not connecting to Wi-Fi, please contact the charging station’s manufacturer for support. ChargePoint 24/7 support - 1.888.758.4389 or get help online.

Why is my charging station’s mobile app not working?

Have you recently updated your password? If so, please be sure this information is correct in the mobile app and an old password is not being added by an auto-fill process. Are you having trouble accessing other mobile applications from your phone? Check your cellular and/or WIFI connections to ensure you have adequate signal. Try restarting your mobile device and attempt to log in to the mobile app after the restart. Please contact your charging station provider if your inability to access the mobile app persists. ChargePoint 24/7 support - 1.888.758.4389 or get help online.

Why does the charging station’s connector not fit my vehicle?

Certain vehicles require an adapter for charging. Please see your vehicle owner’s manual to determine if an adapter is required to use the charging station.

How fast will it take to charge my vehicle?

Please check the product information provided with your charging station and your vehicle. The amperage level of the charging station, the size of electrical circuit it is installed on, and the vehicle settings and battery level at time of charge all contribute to determining the speed your vehicle will be charged.

Why does my charging station turn off before my vehicle is fully charged?

The default setting on some vehicles is to end charging sessions when the vehicle is charged to 80%. Consult your owner’s manual for how to change this setting if charging above 80% is required.

How long is my charging station under warranty?

Chargepoint Home Flex Equipment – 3 Years Qmerit Installation – 1 Year

If I leave my company, do I have to return my charging station?

Please contact your Fleet Manager or HR Department to understand your company policy on charging stations.

How can I tell my vehicle is charging?

Every vehicle displays this information differently, but the in-car display should indicate vehicle charging status. Many EV’s provide a status light near the charging connector or at the top of the dashboard to display the charging status and level of charge.

How do I locate a public charging station?

By using your charging station’s mobile application, you should be able to identify a charging station for your vehicle. Multiple online and app based resources are also available. A few examples are Plugshare and ChargeHub.

How do I pay for public charging?

Most mobile applications provide payment capability by adding a credit card to the app. Many public charging stations also provide credit card swipe capabilities to pay for charging.

How do I log into the mobile application?

All users must establish a username and password for access to mobile applications. If you have already established these credentials, but have forgotten your password, please utilize the “forgot password” link within the application.