Edge Auto Rental

Finding a Charging Infrastructure Partner With Rapid Response & Expert Knowledge. 

Edge Auto Rental, a NYC based rental car agency, had a delivery of electric vehicles on the way but no charging infrastructure in place. 

Having an established and trusted relationship with Merchants Fleet, they reached out for assistance.

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Edge Auto Rental is the largest independently owned rental company in the United States.
Edge Auto Rental Caters to New York City
Edge has helped clients like the United Nations when they need vehicles in a pinch.
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Edge helps art and logistics companies ship fine art and antiques across the country.

“We needed an EV charger installation partner that was able to hit a very tight deadline for getting units installed at multiple sites. I’ve worked with Merchants for years as a fleet client, and they delivered big time when it came to getting our chargers installed. We will be calling Merchants Fleet for our next round of installations.”

William Harris
Owner, Edge Auto

Charging Infrastructure Installation Challenges

With a delivery of multiple electric vehicles (EVs) set to arrive in Q1 2022, Edge Auto Rental had limited time to coordinate charging infrastructure installation at their two NYC locations. The clock was ticking as their first installation partner was unable to meet their tight deadlines. Already a Merchants Fleet client for their fleet vehicle and mobility needs, Edge Auto Rental got in touch with the Merchants Fleet Electrification Experts who had a team ready to assist within 48 hours and a work order ready within one week of the visit.

ChargePoint chargers and installation services were recommended, with guidance on future power capacity needs to support additional L2 and 3 DC Fast chargers. All of the Level 2 charging units were installed within weeks of the consultation – with more chargers installed two months later, all using their existing power supply. The EV Team at Merchants also helped provide training for the chargers that were installed.

Edge’s Electric Future = More Chargers in the Pipeline

As the industry, and Edge’s clients, continue making the shift towards EVs, there is a potential need for 30+ additional stations with 60 charging ports. As part of the consultation, Merchants provided the necessary load calculations so that Edge Rental can upgrade their power capacity to handle future volume when needed.