Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Program

On behalf of our mutual customer, Merchants Fleet would like to introduce you to our Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Program. Our mutual customer has selected Merchants Fleet as its premier services provider. We are excited to be partnering with your team to service our customer’s vehicle maintenance needs. If at any time you should need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-870-4999 option 1.

Instructions for Fleet Vendors:

  • Our drivers should present a Merchants Fleet maintenance brochure to your service advisors that will identify their vehicle and its Preventative Maintenance Schedule. If they do not have a brochure, please call 877-870-4999 option 1 to receive approval.
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule services can be performed within 500 miles before or after the stated odometer interval and serves as an authorization to perform the maintenance as indicated.
  • Additional service or work outside of the mileage limitations must be authorized prior to performing service by contacting our Maintenance Department – failure to contact the Maintenance Department to obtain proper authorization when required may result in a disputed invoice.
  • When calling our Maintenance Department, please reference the vehicle unit number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for vehicle identification. You will be asked to supply this information, as well as the current odometer and tire tread depths
  • Submit all invoicing as soon as the repairs are completed and ensure that the following information is included: RO/PO Number, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Odometer Reading, vehicle Make/Model/Year. If available Merchants unit number and license plate number.
  • The information identifying your facility should be clearly indicated on the invoice including business name, address, telephone number, email, and fax number as available.
  • Invoices not submitted to Merchants Fleet within 60 days may result in non-payment

All invoicing should be submitted to one of the following e-mail addresses or fax numbers based on your agreed upon terms with Merchants Fleet to ensure prompt processing. If you can bill one of our national account relationships listed below, please do so. Should you submit your invoice(s) to an incorrect email or fax, please note there may be a delay in processing and payment.


Payment Method / Scenario  Email  Fax 
Payment by ACH (Direct Deposit), Batch* [email protected]  603-218-6386 
Payment by Credit Card*  [email protected]  603-218-7042 
Non-technical Inquiries  [email protected]  603-218-6784 

*Payment Type Explanation

Batch Style: With this payment method, Merchants will issue a one-time use credit card via email to the email address for your location. The credit card information will be sent in accordance with the payment terms selected and approved upon and will contain a bulk payment for all invoices processed during a given payment period. A statement will be included with this payment.

ACH: Payments will be deposited into your account and a remit will be sent to the email address provided during set up.

Credit Card: This payment method is used for our non-preferred vendors only. A one-time use credit card number will be emailed or faxed based on the information you provided to our tech at the time of your purchase order being issued to you within one business day of receiving your invoice. For security purposes the first 6-digits of the card number are excluded from payments. These numbers are 556766. Please combine this and the other information provided in your payment notice to process payment.

If you have further questions about working with Merchants Fleet, please call 877-870-4999 option 1.

National Account Billing Options

These are various billing programs that Merchants Fleet has accounts with. If your shop can bill one of these please follow your normal process or use the details provided below to reach out for billing assistance with that program.


Vendor Name  Phone  
AAMCO  (267) 464-7229 
Big O Tire  (561) 876-8940 
Continental Tire  (888) 367-7912 Option 1 
Discount Tire Reinalt-Thomas  (866) 895-8032 
FCA/Stellantis - ServiceNet - Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealers  (248) 512-7900 
Bridgestone/Firestone Corporate stores and Independent Shops  N/A 
FleetCharge - International Truck Dealers  (888) 678-0550 
FleetPreferred - Volvo / Mack Truck Dealers  (866) 428-6904 
Ford Fleet Care -  Ford & Lincoln Dealers, Fastlane Locations  (800) 367-3221 Option 3 
FullSpeed Auto -  Grease Monkey & other brands  (888) 999-9497 
GM National Fleet Maintenance -  General Motors Dealers  (866) 463-5338 
Goodyear National –  Corporate stores and  Independent Shops  (800) 633-6802 Option 1 - Billing Inquires Option 2 - Billing Corrections Option 3 - Dealer AR 
Jiffy Lube  N/A 
Les Schwab  (541) 416-5544 
Maaco  (866) 419-5012 
Meineke  (866) 419-5012 
Michelin  (800) 847-8475 
Midas  (561) 876-8940 
Monro  (800) 876-6676 x 3368 
PACCAR - Peterbilt / Kenworth Truck Dealers  (888) 977-2787 
Pep Boys  (800) 553-5338 
Pinnacle Van Program - Sprinter & Metris Vans Only  (877) 950-9555 
Take 5 Oil Change  (888) 999-9497 
TBC - NTB/Tire Kingdom  (561) 876-8940 
Valvoline Instant Oil Change  (513) 376-1852 
WheelTime Signature  (303) 903-1009 

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