Leveraging Telematics to Improve Driver Behavior

Description of the Company

A construction and installation company operating passenger sedans and light duty pickups in a delivery application.


In today’s world, every fleet manager has a common struggle: improving driver behaviors while reducing accident rates and costs. For this client, the problem was excessive. While they had attempted to institute a comprehensive safety strategy to empower its drivers with a safety-first mindset, it had not moved past the planning process. With incidents continuing to escalate, the company did not know where to start to improve driver safety and driver behavior.


Our expert consultants used several management tools to assess the poor driver behavior and provide fleet solutions. The team identified the driver behavior that needed to be addressed the most by analyzing telematics data. Additionally, we sharpened metrics and run rates and established new benchmarks by evaluating compliance and non-compliance protocols.

Because we are committed to our customers, we did not stop there. We trained our client on the basis for our recommendations by teaching them how to properly read and extract key information from the aggregated data, to then make smart fleet management decisions.

With our help, the organization saw a 300% reduction in speeding instances after 3 months of implementing our recommendations. With ongoing management of safety behaviors, our customer is maintaining that improvement today. Any time there is a driver behavior red flag in the field, the fleet managers receive a real-time alert of the occurrence and can make decisions.

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Improving driver behavior with data. Imagine that.

300% Reduction in Speeding Incidents
3 Months to Impactful Results