Moving Fleet Forward with the Latest Technology


In today’s world, mobility is opening new ways to push the possibilities of productivity and efficiency even further

Leveraging the latest vehicle pool technology is a vital tool in making sure business leaders and fleet managers get the most out of their fleet. For this reason, Merchants Fleet created FleetShare, a technology platform & program that encompasses the true capabilities of when the latest mobility technology meets fleet management services.


FleetShare’s pioneering online and in-car wireless technologies puts you in total control of your vehicle pool’s daily operations and reporting, while offering convenient self-service reservations online and keyless vehicle access for your drivers. With the ability to book cars for only the amount of time they are needed, you can reduce idle time and improve efficiencies, all in a platform that is easy to use for both decision makers and drivers.

The Four Key Benefits of FleetShare


Serve more drivers with easy, fast self-service reservations and keyless access to motor pool vehicles, even at remote or unstaffed sites. Having your fleet vehicles on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows you to always keep your agenda moving forward. FleetShare can also accommodate any need to supplement your fleet should that occasion arise, by delivering vehicles that fully adhere to your specifications. It can also be installed on existing fleet vehicles.

Right-Sizing Your Fleet

Optimize your fleet size with the help of real-time information, including current and scheduled usage, location performance, total fleet utilization and analytics. As an extensive data-rich platform, FleetShare enables you to identify and eliminate any underused and unnecessary vehicles from your fleet, delivering new measures that promote vehicle and driver efficiencies.

Gain Comprehensive Control

With instant access to accurate, complete fleet data, advanced reporting has never been more powerful. Not only will you be able to enhance your understanding of your fleet needs, you can do so while reducing administrative time. As an all-encompassing solution, FleetShare will also ensure that billing and settlement of vehicle usage costs is correctly directed to your desired account or department.

Boost Accountability

Improve transparency, accountability, and fleet policy compliance through FleetShare’s automatic collection of data on every driver and vehicle in your fleet. This will in turn help reduce risk, resolve fleet inefficiencies, monitor fleet reliability, and improve driver satisfaction.

Your business requires a lot to keep it moving. FleetShare can help.

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