Reducing the Cost of Ownership

Description of the Company

A private security company.


No matter the industry or type of business, finding new ways to better the bottom line is critical to long-term viability. This fleet manager was tasked with reducing the invested capital committed to the company’s fleet resources and had a goal of lowering the total vehicle cost of ownership by 10% over the course of 2 years.


With the objective set, our client looked to us, its fleet management partner, to create a fleet program capable of meeting these lofty goals. Leveraging our Strategic Consulting fleet review process, our team conducted a thorough analysis of fuel, maintenance and telematics data, and examined all facets of fleet operations, delving deep into the fleet lifecycle management policies, vehicle utilization and various applications.

Working in collaboration with our customer, we developed new vehicle selections and replacement strategies that aligned with their long-term vision. After implementing our cost savings initiatives, our client reported a 16% increase in savings over 18 months, putting it on track to not only achieve its targeted figure, but to surpass it.

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16% Reduction in Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership Over 18 Months
Savings on Track to Exceed Projections