Reducing Lease Spend Through Alternative Lease Structures

Description of the Company

A large insurance company operating compact pickups and sport utility vehicles in a sales and service application.


For this customer, a recent organization-wide objective to reduce and optimize fixed and variable costs was mandated and fleet was asked to lead the charge.

The best fleet managers know that proactivity in lowering and containing costs is key to success. Such measures had long-been in place at this firm where impressive fleet metrics had already been achieved. So, finding innovative ways to make a significant and substantial impact was no small task.


With lofty goals in view, it was time to get to work, so our client presented this challenge to us, suggesting we look at the fleet as a blank canvas. Offering honest and forthright advice, our team diligently worked to pinpoint areas of cost saving opportunities. By analyzing actual run rates at the vehicle level and aligning utilization with appropriate alternative fleet leasing programs and service terms, we created new governing strategies.

Through these measures, our partner achieved best-in-class cost per mile efficiency rates in fuel and maintenance spend accomplished through effective vehicles replacement activity. The company realized a $1.23M savings over a 2.5-year period.

Fine tuning your fleet lease structures to align with vehicle usage. It can be done. Contact us today…because you should always settle for better.

Exceed peer benchmarks and perform at optimal levels. Imagine that.

$1.23M in Savings Over a 2.5 Year Period
Best-In-Class Cost Per Mile in Fuel and Maintenance Spend