Reducing Fuel Spend and Increasing Driver Productivity

Description of the Company

A large utility corporation operating light duty trucks and passenger sedans.


Fuel spend challenges and lack of driver productivity are challenges that fleets experience across nearly every industry. This client in particular was experiencing the negative effects of fluctuating fuel expenditures and needed solutions to promote cost savings initiatives. Like many similar businesses, they were looking to reduce fuel spending while simultaneously increasing driver productivity and ticket execution volume.


Our team of strategic consultants poured over telematics data to identify ways to maximize driver productivity and configured user-friendly features such as real-time alerts to help manage field processes. Through a collaborative effort, we implemented a new fuel management program.

After the program’s inception, our client reduced miles driven by 10%, which translated to $35,000 annual fuel savings. Additionally, they reduced maintenance costs and engines hours because vehicles had less vehicle wear and increased driver productivity by decreasing windshield time.

Fewer miles driven, reduced maintenance costs, and a more efficient fleet operation are possible. Contact us today…because you should always settle for better.

Outsmarting fluctuating fuel costs. Imagine that.

10% Reduction in Miles Driven
$35,000 Annual Fuel Savings