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The fleet landscape is constantly changing, and so are what the industry considers best practices for your fleet. From addressing current fleet concerns to exploring future trends, we cover the most discussed topics in fleet.

8 Signs It’s Time to Re-Examine Your Lifecycle Strategy

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Having a tailored lifecycle strategy is one of the best ways to monitor and control costs for the life of a vehicle. Examining your lifecycle strategy to determine areas of improvement is a proactive way to account for and manage your total cost of ownership, and it’s important to recognize when your fleet could benefit from a lifecycle adjustment. Here are eight key signs your fleet may benefit from some lifecycle strategy adjustments to realize cost savings.

5 Steps to a Successful Vehicle Upfit

With a broad range of chassis, equipment, and installer options, determining how to manage the upfitting process can be overwhelming. Taking the time to approach the process strategically can increase driver efficiency and safety while reducing costs.

5 Considerations When Determining a Lifecycle Strategy

There are many components that go into creating an effective lifecycle strategy, and, ultimately, there is no one “right” answer when it comes to managing vehicle lifecycles. Each company has to look at its own use case and financial goals to develop a strategy that makes the most sense, and key to this process is using data to take a holistic view of the vehicle. If you are reexamining how you handle lifecycle management, here are the key components to consider when deciding how to proceed.

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Get an in-depth look at the topics that are at the forefront of fleet. Join the experts at Merchants Fleet as they share their industry insights.

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Peruse our video library for insights on how to adjust to the latest issues and trends in fleet management.

Fuel Efficiency

Here are a few tips to help manage your fleet’s fuel spend.

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Business Leasing Services

Merchants Fleet Management’s Business Leasing Services team specializes in small to mid-size fleets with highly detailed needs.

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Mobility Leasing Services

Merchants Mobility Leasing Services provides a variety of custom short-term leasing programs with lease terms as short as 2 months.

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Success Stories

Hear from our customers. See how Merchants Fleet has helped customers overcome fleet challenges and optimize their fleet programs.

Leveraging FleetAssist

Many operational aspects of a business face strong scrutiny when two entities come together. This customer was charged with assimilating the cultures of both organizations under one fleet management directive without any additional resource allocation.

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Merchants Fleet Outlook 2019

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