Infographic – Fleet Strategy Process


When you are trying to move the needle on total cost of ownership and lifecycle management, you get the best results when you treat your strategy like an ongoing cycle. This infographic highlights the steps to lay out and adjust your fleet strategy so you can meet your goals. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC

Infographic – Fleet Strategy Process2019-07-17T15:01:42-05:00

Uncover Fleet Efficiency Opportunities


There are multiple areas where fleets often leave money on the table or experience inefficiencies. Do you see your fleet in any of these statistics? If so, Merchants Fleet is here to help. Click below to download the full infographic. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC

Uncover Fleet Efficiency Opportunities2019-06-05T10:46:29-05:00

A 5-Step Path to Improved Fleet Sustainability


Taking the time to focus on your fleet's sustainability can help you lower operational costs while also reducing environmental impact. This infographic outlines five steps to take if improving your fleet's sustainability is a goal for your company. Click below to download the full image. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC

A 5-Step Path to Improved Fleet Sustainability2019-05-23T10:29:47-05:00

What is Fleet Management?


Fleet management is evolving. While leasing, funding, and services are still a key part of the equation, FMCs now leverage real-time data, consulting, reporting platforms, telematics, and more to deliver a sophisticated mix of offerings that can touch every aspect of your fleet. Here is a look at what fleet management companies offer today.

What is Fleet Management?2019-03-14T16:08:51-05:00

Improving Fleet Efficiency


Is managing a fleet only one part of your overall responsibilities? This infographic may be able to help you save time and money when it comes to your fleet.

Improving Fleet Efficiency2019-03-14T15:52:14-05:00

Top 5 Benefits of Vehicle Pooling


Fleet management is undergoing a change, and it's being led by the mobility movement. It's getting people where they need to be in the most effective way possible. Explore the five benefits of vehicle pooling with our infographic.

Top 5 Benefits of Vehicle Pooling2019-04-03T14:46:46-05:00

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