Vehicle Lifecycle Strategy


When creating a vehicle lifecycle strategy for your fleet, there is no one right answer. There are many components to consider, and each fleet will be different. Carefully weighing these five components of your fleet’s operations can help you develop a lifecycle strategy that delivers cost savings while also fitting your company’s needs and culture.

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Finding the Right Upfit Option


Wondering about the best upfit option for your fleet? Watch our video for some tips about where to start, and remember that Merchants Fleet is always here to help.

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Fuel Efficiency


Fuel costs are one of the top expenses in a fleet, so maximizing fuel efficiency is a high priority for fleet managers. Here are a few tips that will help manage and improve your fuel spend.

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Business Leasing Services


Merchants Fleet Management’s Business Leasing Services team specializes in small to mid-size fleets with highly detailed needs. We understand that not all companies fit a specific leasing process and not all companies have the same combination of needs. Our goal is to develop a flexible and fast turnkey solution to get you the vehicles you need, when and where you need them. Spec it. Order it. Deliver it.

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TotalView combines the full power of strategic fleet management expertise with data-driven analytics to help you take your fleet further. With our consultative partnership, you’ll have instant access to monitor and manage the costs and trends of your overall fleet. Our easy-to-use interface delivers analytical excellence along with client-focused technology to provide an intuitive, interactive platform.


Mobility Leasing Services


Merchants Mobility Leasing Services provides a variety of custom short-term leasing programs with lease terms as short as 2 months. Our vehicle-sharing program will work with you to understand your vehicle requirements and develop a solution that will increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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Fleet Management Company Buyer’s Guide


Finding the right fleet management partner for your organization can be a challenge. Asking the hard questions is key to selecting the fleet manager that fits your company. Here are key things to look for and ask when selecting a fleet management partner.

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Upfitting Your Fleet


There are multiple options when you need to upfit your fleet. See some of the best practices and what to consider when upfitting.

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The ELD Mandate


Effective December 2017, the FMCSA will require all commercial motor vehicle operators to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). We answer common ELD compliance questions in this short video.

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Optimizing Your Fleet Lifecycle


Learn the pros and cons of short-term and long-term lifecycle management and how these decisions can impact fuel efficiency, remarketing, and ownership costs for your fleet.

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