What is Fleet Management?


Fleet management is evolving. While leasing, funding, and services are still a key part of the equation, FMCs now leverage real-time data, consulting, reporting platforms, telematics, and more to deliver a sophisticated mix of offerings that can touch every aspect of your fleet. Here is a look at what fleet management companies offer today.

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Improving Fleet Efficiency


Is managing a fleet only one part of your overall responsibilities? This infographic may be able to help you save time and money when it comes to your fleet.

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Top 5 Benefits of Vehicle Pooling


Fleet management is undergoing a change, and it's being led by the mobility movement. It's getting people where they need to be in the most effective way possible. Explore the five benefits of vehicle pooling with our infographic.

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Mobility: More Than a Buzzword


Mobility shouldn't just be an industry buzzword; a true mobility plan can improve your fleet's efficiency. Learn the three categories of mobility and how your fleet management company should play a role.

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5 Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Fleet Manager


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Drug and Device Use Infographic


The influence of technology can be just as dangerous as drugs and alcohol. Our infographic covers the main contributors to impaired driving and how fleet managers can mitigate risk.

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