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Leveraging FleetAssist


Many operational aspects of a business face strong scrutiny when two entities come together. This customer was charged with assimilating the cultures of both organizations under one fleet management directive without any additional resource allocation.

Leveraging FleetAssist2018-12-21T16:45:46-05:00

Adopting a Managed Fleet Program


Faced with an increase in fleet maintenance spend and vehicle downtime, our client was experiencing an influx of factors that soon led to budgetary concerns and lost manpower.

Adopting a Managed Fleet Program2018-12-21T16:47:18-05:00

Reducing the Cost of Ownership


No matter the industry or type of business, finding new ways to better the bottom line is critical to long-term viability. This fleet manager was tasked with reducing the invested capital committed to the company’s fleet resources and had a goal of lowering the total vehicle cost of ownership by 10% over the course of 2 years.

Reducing the Cost of Ownership2018-12-21T16:31:51-05:00

Telematics and Organizational Alignment Lead to More Efficient Operations


Fuel and maintenance spend are typical targets, but finding ways to drive costs out requires organizational support. With a variance in corporate fleet strategy and operational direction, this case was not clear for our client. Working with a diverse team of decision makers, finding a solution all facets of the organization could agree upon was the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Telematics and Organizational Alignment Lead to More Efficient Operations2018-12-21T16:34:17-05:00

Reducing Fuel Spend and Increasing Driver Productivity


This client in particular was experiencing the negative effects of fluctuating fuel expenditures and needed solutions to promote cost savings initiatives. Like many similar businesses, they were looking to reduce fuel spending while simultaneously increasing driver productivity and ticket execution volume.

Reducing Fuel Spend and Increasing Driver Productivity2018-12-21T16:36:18-05:00