Transitioning to EVs with a Pilot Program​

The Challenge

A national vegetation company with 1,700 units of primarily compact pickups expressed a desire to begin adopting electric vehicles within their fleet. EV education was needed throughout the company to gain buy-in and mitigate outdated EV beliefs. Concerns were raised that neither EV charging infrastructure nor vehicle range were robust enough to support their fleet. The assumed high cost of EVs was another concern to bar transitioning.

The Solution

Merchants worked with the company to build a roadmap that outlined clear, manageable steps toward EV adoption. Using comprehensive total cost of ownership modeling, the company could see the cost savings impact of EVs and use this information to educate regional managers and gain support for electrification. They were also provided with extensive information on EV availability, and the company was able to use Merchants Fleet’s commitment with EV manufacturers to reserve vehicles that matched their operations. Merchants also worked with the company to assess infrastructure and charging equipment needs and site readiness. Using advanced mapping techniques, Merchants provided locations of EV infrastructure and charging equipment options.

The Results

The company will be launching a 40-unit pilot, based in four locations throughout North America. Employees are enthused about the pilot and have become champions for electrification, and the company is planning a public relations effort to promote their commitment to sustainability and the environment.