Leveraging FleetAssist

Description of the Company

A veterinary firm with 600 vehicles was acquired by a dental company with 1,000 vehicles to form a single entity.


Many operational aspects of a business face strong scrutiny when two entities come together. This customer was charged with assimilating the cultures of both organizations under one fleet management directive without any additional resource allocation.


To meet the organization’s consolidation goals, our team created and developed a delicate transition plan to bring both fleets under one umbrella. We leveraged the FleetAssist product to institute a uniform policy and fleet management initiatives that provided cost saving opportunities in maintenance and fuel spends.

To ensure a smooth transition, a dedicated Fleet Advisor assisted with the daily fleet operations and leveraged years of industry experience to make the best strategic decisions on the company’s behalf.

We are proud to be the fleet management partner of this expanding fleet, and are tasked with supporting its 1,600 units.

FleetAssist is the premier fleet account management solution from Merchants Fleet. Expert consultants work as an extension of your team to fully manage your fleet and proactively drive efficiency, safety, compliance, and value.

Collaboratively working with a partner that can adapt to growing and ad hoc needs. Imagine that.

Enhanced Maintenance and Fuel Cost Savings
100% Ongoing Success