Increasing Visibility and Multiple Levels of Approval

Description of the Company

An international energy corporation operating 1,200 light and medium duty vehicles.


This corporation was struggling to find a better way to fuel their vehicles and equipment in the field and, with an antiquated system, had limited data to manage their consumption and spending.

Reining in irresponsible expenses can only be done through company-wide accountability. The usage of a traditional purchase-card program was proving problematic as the influx in spending was reaching unprecedented heights. As unaccountability spread, the annual fuel bill escalated to $6 million.


Working in collaboration with our client, we launched our fleet fuel management program and implemented changes that streamlined the fuel purchasing process by assigning each vehicle a designated fuel card and giving each driver his/her own ID.

With multi-layered dashboards, our fleet management software, TotalView (LINK), also allowed supervisors to gain clear visibility over fuel purchases by employees, crew, and region. Backed by weekly activity reports, every cent of fuel spent was tracked and allocated and unnecessary spending was eliminated.

Supported by the fleet industry’s brightest minds, our fuel management program delivers accountability. Contact us today…because you should always settle for better.

Put an end to unnecessary fuel spending. Imagine that.

Consolidated, Accurate Weekly Reports
Clear Visibility in Tracking Fuel Purchases Across Multiple Organizational Levels