Aligning Lease Structure to Vehicle Application

Description of the Company

Medical supply company operating a large number of cargo vans and light trucks in delivery applications


The main challenge was cash flow and excessive costs. With a blanket open-end lease agreement encompassing its entire fleet, this company was limited by a lease structure that restricted cash flow and did not best suit its needs. With its previously contracted fleet management provider, the firm was leaving money on the table.


Our team worked diligently to align the proper lease structure on an individual vehicle basis considering mileage accumulations and payment schedules. In doing so, our customer realized $1.09M in cost savings over a 5-year period. Today, we are entrusted with their 1,600 unit fleet.

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Fleet leasing structures that align to your vehicle strategy. Imagine that.

$1.09 Million of Savings
1,600 Unit Fleet Efficiency