Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential with Long-Term Rentals

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Long-Term Rentals

Fleet that fits your business needs – not the other way around

Fleet leasing is never one-size fits all. Sometimes you have an existing fleet but need additional vehicles for a special project. Other times you simply need a more flexible arrangement that gives your drivers access to specialty vehicles on an as-needed basis so they can do their jobs efficiently and safely. Merchants Fleet has long-term rental options that give you the flexibility, efficiency, and upfitting you need to optimize your fleet.

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The Vehicle You Need, When you Need It

Merchants will work with you to determine the exact fleet vehicles you need to accomplish your goals. We have a nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, so whether you need an SUV, sedan, multi-passenger van, shuttle, or work truck, we can deliver it quickly. We also offer vehicle upfitting when you need specialty equipment and high-quality brand wraps to meet particular brand requirements.

Flexible Terms and Time Frames

Our long-term rental experts can match you with flexible leasing terms for as short as a few months, up to several years. No matter how long or short your time frame may be, Merchants Fleet will work with you to create a leasing and funding arrangement that best serves your business needs and budget.

Increased Efficiency

When you have a fleet lease that fits your business, you benefit from the efficiency that comes with having vehicles for only as long as you need them. Rightsizing your fleet by using the right mix of vehicles with the right lease terms will reduce idle times, increase driver productivity, and make sure your business is running smoothly – all while controlling costs.

The right long-term rental makes a difference.

Click below or call 866.653.2737 and let the Merchants Fleet rental team in Hooksett, NH, show you how to boost driver productivity and increase fleet efficiencies by leveraging long-term rentals.