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Technology’s Essential Role in Fleet Safety’s Future

Continuous advancements in vehicle safety technology, both inside and outside the vehicle, will be crucial factors in reducing vehicle accident rates in the coming years.

After nearly a decade on the decline, U.S. vehicle fatality rates for the past two years have been on the rise. Factors that have been linked to this rise are distracted driving and an increase in the average miles driven on an annual basis.

Leading Culture Change Around Safety

Just like any other company program, a fleet safety program requires buy-in and cultural support in order to be effective. Many companies have policies on the books, but often there is a disconnect between what is on paper and how people act day-to-day. Ultimately, a safety program is just as much about culture reinforcement as it is about driver performance data and accident rates.

Importance of Lifecycle Management for Work Truck Fleets

Importance of Lifecycle Management for Work Truck Fleets

Understanding your trucks’ lifecycles is key to reducing extra lease costs, downtime, and unnecessary maintenance. Senior Fleet Consultant Eric Miller recently spoke to Work Truck about this critical piece of your fleet strategy.

When to Restrict Personal Use of Fleet Vehicles

Having a policy that addresses personal use of company vehicles is critical for safety and risk management. However, according to Merchants Fleet Regional Vice President Bill Stueber, many fleets overlook this need. Read more about common practices and tools to help you put a policy in place.

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