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Strategies to Reduce Fuel Spend

“Many fleets are working with their consultants to evaluate their fleet’s performance and are looking for additional engine efficiencies. Engine efficiency and advanced engine technology will continue to be an effective way to counteract higher gasoline prices,” said George Albright, assistant director of maintenance for Merchants Fleet Management.

How an RFI Can Improve Your RFP

While requests for proposals (RFPs) remain a nearly mandatory process for government agencies in the purchasing process, they have been less prevalent in corporate procurement, especially outside of the Fortune 500. Rob Daziel, Director of Supply Chain Management for Merchants Fleet, discussed what a request for information (RFI) can contribute to a company’s search for a fleet provider.

Warranty Recovery: More Stringent Manufacturer Enforcement Limits Dollars

Warranty recovery can help a fleet manage its maintenance costs, especially with extended powertrain warranties, which cover most components during the service life of a vehicle. However, warranty recovery tightened in 2018 due to greater OEM scrutiny, resulting in a slight decrease in recovery dollars.

Vehicle Dependability is on the Rise

Buick and Lexus ranked highest in overall vehicle dependability, which improved 9% overall in the past year, according to J.D. Power’s annual Vehicle Dependability Study. The study measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of 2015 model year vehicles. The overall industry average improved to 142 PP100.

What the New Tariffs Could Mean for Fleets

President Donald Trump’s executive order imposing tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum may translate to higher prices to commercial fleets for vehicles and truck or van equipment, fleet management company experts said.

Why Railcar Constraints Continue to Impact Order-to-Delivery

Charles Mathew, Fleet Operations Manager, discussed continuing railcar shortages with Automotive Fleet. “There are never enough car haulers, order-to-delivery timeframes are showing there is an improvement year-over-year though,” he said.

Leveraging FleetAssist

Many operational aspects of a business face strong scrutiny when two entities come together. This customer was charged with assimilating the cultures of both organizations under one fleet management directive without any additional resource allocation.

Reducing the Cost of Ownership

No matter the industry or type of business, finding new ways to better the bottom line is critical to long-term viability. This fleet manager was tasked with reducing the invested capital committed to the company’s fleet resources and had a goal of lowering the total vehicle cost of ownership by 10% over the course of 2 years.

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