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The Tough Times Playbook: A CEO’s Guide to Navigating Through Crisis – Play 5

The Tough Times Playbook: A CEO’s Guide to Navigating Through Crisis – Play 5

Play 5 – Open All Channels of Communication
• There is No Such Thing as Over-Communication
• Be Visible –Email, Text, ConCall, Video Conference, Yammer
• When in Doubt – ASK – Be Proactive – Please No Victims

During the first couple of weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees received at minimum 3 to 5 emails daily, from myself and human resources. In a severe crisis, over communicating is not possible. Once things settle a little, communications can decrease, but should still happen often. This is the same for employees, clients and any other business partner that needs to hear from you and receive your critical business updates.

When in crisis mode, encourage all involved to stay visible, connect with their teams and with you and other leadership team members. Have multiple options for connection and use this time to engage and interact. We currently have a remote workforce and we connect as an entire company through virtual hangouts every Friday. We see each other’s faces, we laugh, and we talk. Social media or other platforms also allow for the conversations to continue throughout the week.

Open door policies are needed more than ever in crisis situations, especially when the workforce is remote. Encourage your employees to ask questions, seek answers and be proactive in the work that needs to take place to keep the company moving forward. And even more vital, is the message that we are all in this together and no one should play the victim.