Making Moves

Making Moves

Calling the Right Fleet Moves Now to Prepare for 2021

We are well on our way into the last quarter of the year, and we are excited about all of the wonderful successes we are hearing from our clients and the industry.

Here at Merchants, we have been keeping a steady eye on the current state of the economy & the fleet industry, while looking out the windshield to 2021 and beyond. We wanted to share a message with you about MAKING MOVES. As the end of the year comes upon us, our fleet consultants and experts switch into high gear to inform, educate & collaborate with clients on what the right MOVES are for 2021 planning. These will be coming out over the next several weeks.

If any of these MOVES would help you at this time, please reach out to Merchants Fleet. It is our goal to support you in any way we can as you navigate your 2021 Fleet Plan.
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Move 1 | Developing a Fleet Plan

At Merchants, we are consistently evaluating our plans for opportunities to adjust, and we start our planning cycles about six months prior to the new year. Similarly, we advise fleets do the same with their plans.

Download Your Guide to Developing a Fleet Plan

Move 2 | Capitalizing on the Resale Market

Currently, the wholesale resale market is experiencing record-high vehicle sale prices. This is a great time to maximize your vehicle equity and use the current market to your advantage. With Merchants as your partner, we can give you cash up front with our GuaranteeTRAC® program.

Download Your Guide to Capitalizing on the Resale Market

Move 3 | Selecting the Right Vehicle

This is the time to look across your fleet to see what the right vehicles are for the job at hand. Perhaps a mix of different vehicle types or shifting OEMs would make sense now to achieve your 2021 goals or react as things have changed in your business.

Download Your Guide to Selecting the Right Vehicle

Move 4 | Building in Flexibility

The events of 2020 have taught companies with fleets that having ultimate flexibility can help them to weather the worst of storms. By leveraging mobility options, a unique rent-to-lease program, and ReadyFleet vehicles, fleets can fleet up, fleet down and fill the gap as needed. Heading into 2021, your business could utilize flexible options on a proactive basis.

Download Your Guide to Building in Flexibility

Move 5 | Leveraging Interest Rates

The impact of COVID has had a dramatic impact on the interest rate environment. Fleets have an opportunity to lower their monthly lease payments, particularly with fixed interest rates. This can offer cash flow relief in a time of need.

Download Your Guide to Leveraging Interest Rates

Move 6 | Activating the Power of the Connected Vehicle

OEMs continue to invest in technology that can improve safety, driver behavior and ultimately lower your costs in several areas. Taking advantage of the connected vehicle is a simple way to realize some quick gains. As you plan to cycle vehicles, you may consider those with the latest connected features to improve programs across the board.

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