Merchants Fleet Celebrates Fleet

Written By: Brendan P. Keegan, Chief Executive Officer

Celebrate FleetBefore COVID times, many who heard the word fleet probably related it to the US Navy’s fleet of ships and not the working vehicles used to move goods and services from one place to another. If you stop and think about it, fleet vehicles are everywhere.  We see branded fleets every day, from insurance companies, mail and package delivery, online retail delivery, and more.  It is estimated that 19% or 1 and 5 vehicles on the road belong to a fleet.

You might be asking, why does this matter?  It matters because fleets are essential.  If we look at the industries that rely on fleets to do their jobs, we are looking at infrastructure, internet & cable, oil & gas, last mile, police and city, and even more important right now, healthcare.  Fleets are enabling these essential businesses to keep America moving.

When we think about #CelebrateFleet, we think about those that are on the front lines.  When e-commerce was inundated with orders to get people groceries and other key necessities amid a pandemic, the last mile delivery drivers were on the on the front lines delivering more packages than during peak holiday times.  We think about those bringing the essential medical equipment where it needs to be, and we think about all of the men and women putting themselves in harms way, so we can be safe. I’d like to take a moment now to CELEBRATE the fleet professionals that have kept America moving during this time.

Merchants Fleet Clients. There would not be a celebrate fleet week without our clients and we happen to be blessed with some of the best fleet clients a company could ask for.  We thank you for allowing Merchants to be an essential part of your team.  Your partnership and trust keep us innovating and doing what we love to do.  We Celebrate our Clients!

Merchants Fleet Employees. At the onset of COVID-19, Merchants implemented a remote workforce, sending about 95% of our employees’ home to work.  The other 5% courageously coming into the office each day to complete the jobs that cannot be done remotely.  I never imagined that day how much closer our team would become.  Our weekly virtual hangouts and happy hours have been some of the best hours for me in the last few months.  We Celebrate YOU and all you do to #keepmerchantsmoving!

Merchants Fleet Vendors and Suppliers to the Fleet Industry. We work with some of the greatest vendors and suppliers in fleet.  To all of the OEMs, upfitters, maintenance, administrative, and technology partners that help fleet management companies do their jobs better – We Celebrate you!

Delivery Drivers. All of the last mile delivery drivers that leave their home each day, so we don’t have to. Without the delivery drivers and their efforts, where would we be?  There has been a great dependence on e-commerce, and I commend each and every driver that shows up to get products and services where they need to be. We Celebrate delivery drivers!

First Responders.  This might go without saying, but we cannot forget the first responders that literally put their lives on hold to keep America safe.  They sacrifice their health, as well as valuable time with family and friends every day during these uncertain times to be brave for us. We Celebrate first responders!

City Workers & Infrastructure. The oil & gas workers that keep America fueled with energy, the infrastructure teams and city workers that keep the roadways safe for travel.  We Celebrate each of you!

Internet & Cable. What would we do in a remote working environment without those companies that keep us connected? We are grateful for the tools we have and for those who are working hard to make it happen. We Celebrate each of you!

Behind the scenes of all the essential fleets on the roads are the fleet management companies, the fleet managers, the maintenance and repair teams, the dealerships, suppliers, and vendors that support each of those fleets.  It is our honor and privilege to partner with you all every day.  Thank you for doing what you do, so Merchants can continue to do what we do!  #CelebrateFleet

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