FleetTech - Merging Fleet With Technology

FleetTech Model

Every day at Merchants Fleet, we strive to provide the highest value possible to our clients.

We accomplish this through our FleetTech model that merges fleet with technology. We act not just as a fleet management company, but as a FleetTech partner – a strategic advisor and a curator of the growing mobility ecosystem within our industry. This approach ensures our clients get the best performance out of their fleets through a streamlined process, data-driven platforms, and unique opportunities to connect with new technologies, pilot programs, and business partners.

Our Process

Our FleetTech model is focused on effectively servicing our clients at every stage – from onboarding, through value-add, to turnover. We follow a thorough, six-step process that incorporates fleet integration, a superior client experience, acquisition of vehicles, fleet registration, customizing your suite of fleet products, and hassle-free remarketing.

Our Platforms

Merchants technology platforms are a cornerstone of our FleetTech model. We aim to provide unique value to our clients through data visibility via our fleet management platform, TotalView, and by facilitating easy mobility via our vehicle sharing platform FleetShare. This effective use of technology can drive operational efficiencies, manage costs, and keep drivers safe.

The LaunchPAD

It is our full-time job to stay informed about the latest technology and service options for our clients. Merchants has developed the FleetTech Launchpad, which facilitates fleet technology pilots so we can provide a broad range of services for our clients. We partner with companies to explore applications for their technology or service, develop a concept, find a sponsor among our clients, and ultimately launch a pilot with the technology or service to determine whether it is scalable.

Our Network

We have a network of strategic alliances that serves as an efficient way for our fleet clients to tap into the broader mobility ecosystem and access more options. From OEMs to financial partners to emerging technology firms, Merchants Fleet acts as a single point of connection to everything FleetTech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you pick up the vehicles?

Yes. Our team will arrange the pickup and transportation of your vehicles.

What is included in your fleet remarketing services?

We take over all risk and handle the entire process for you, including, market research and outreach, resale strategies, pricing and transfer of ownership. There are certain fees associated with our OpenTrac third-party remarketing option. Under GuaranteeBUY, all fees are covered by Merchants Fleet.

How long does the fleet vehicle remarketing process take?

With our GuaranteeBUY fleet remarketing program, you can receive payment for your vehicles in less than one business week. Our OpenTRAC program can take a few extra days (vehicles sell in an average of 18 days), but will give you the highest return for your vehicles.

What if I want to extend the term on my vehicle?

If you need to extend the term on your vehicle, you have options! We offer month-to-month terms if you need to extend for a short period, or you also have the option to change your vehicle over to a long-term lease if you need a more permanent arrangement.

Do I need to purchase insurance for my delivery vehicles?

Yes. Our vehicles are insured by the renter. You should have insurance to cover $1,000,000 liability policy for each vehicle.

How do I return the vehicles at the end of my contract?

We will arrange for the transportation of your vehicle when you are ready to return them. When you are approaching the end of your contract, please notify your Merchants account manager via phone or email correspondence at least 7 days prior to your anticipated end date. This allows our logistics team to arrange and schedule the pickup, and transport of your vans from where they are located.
You will need to remove all magnets, stickers, or other cosmetic changes made to the vehicle, sweep the cargo area and cabin, and clean out any trash from the inside of the van. You will also need to complete a digital condition report prior to releasing your vehicles to the transporter.

Want an easier way to stay on top of FMCSA and DOT regulations?

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