Did Your FMC Become a Fleet Merger Company?

If So, Your Fleet May No Longer be a Priority…

Whether your fleet is sales, service, or specialized, it’s a critical part of your business operations. You’ve spent time and resources trying to find a fleet partner that aligns with your goals, and now you’re no longer working with the same organization that originally earned your business.

It’s natural to feel a little unstable while your fleet is passed between a company you chose to work with and a company you didn’t! Feel like it’s time for Fleet Freedom? You can start by choosing your own fleet management company (FMC).

Join Merchants Fleet, a merger-free FMC for over 60 years!

Here’s an RFP Template to get you started.

Did Your FMC Partnership Go from Being Earned to Acquired?

All of the moving parts to fleet management – from acquisition to remarketing, and everything in between, require a relationship based on mutual trust. Fleet management companies are like an extension of your own organization, the wins – and the losses – are shared. But what if you found your perfect FMC one, five, or even 20 years ago and they’ve suddenly changed their identity?

It might be time to start asking these questions:

  • Will employees continue working in your best interests – or to maintain their jobs?
  • Do the platforms and technology align with how you want to manage your fleet?
  • With so many changes, will anyone still remember your fleet?

Does your current FMC still have the right qualities for your fleet?
See how they stack up.

Your FMC Should be Focused on Your Fleet

“Don’t worry about our merger, you’re a valued client and nothing is going to change.”  
Merging three different fleet providers, with three different systems, and maintaining focus on what clients need most – fleet management – isn’t just a lot of change, it’s a lot of risk.

Is your fleet prepared for:

  • Potential downtime from system transfers and updates
  • Decreased stability from employee departures and training
  • Three times the companies vying for in-demand vehicles

At Merchants, your fleet is our priority.

Want One of Our Secrets to Client Satisfaction? Happy Employees.

Great employees can make or break your client service experience. It’s no coincidence that 90% of Merchants Fleets employees agree that it’s a great place to work. The industry average is only 57%, by the way. These satisfied employees are happy to come to work, and that’s why they’re so great at optimizing the efficiency of your fleet, lowering your TCO, and delivering the customized service and support you can trust.

Under new ownership, Merchants has even stronger funding to continue delivering the exceptional client experience our managed fleets have come to love. Our modern technology and low turnover make it easy for our team to not only manage your fleet, but help it reach its full potential.

Have you asked how satisfied the employees are at your current provider are?

Learn more about Merchants Fleet on Inside the Blueprint.

Your Fleet Deserves Stability and Success

Merchants Fleet has been helping organizations achieve Fleet Freedom for more than 60 years. In addition to offering unmatched flexibility, service, and innovation within the fleet industry, here are some more reasons why fleets decide to partner with Merchants:

Changing providers is not a decision you should take lightly, but it should be YOUR decision. Your fleet deserves better.

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