Getting Back on Track with Cycling

An Interactive Workshop & Toolkit

This year’s unprecedented events have forced many fleets to postpone cycling and change direction as they have adapted to fluctuations in budget, inventory, and ordering schedules. However, postponing cycling often results in other cost tradeoffs, like increased maintenance and fuel costs.

The question remains: how do fleet evolve their cycling strategy based on impacts to their budget & their business?

Join our consulting and acquisition teams for an interactive workshop that will walk you through identifying opportunities in your fleet and implementing meaningful change:

  • Learn the components of successful planning
  • Evaluate opportunities in your fleet
  • Build an action plan
  • Identify market trends to support your strategy & gain buy-in
  • Develop benchmarks to quantify your goals
  • Learn techniques to adjust your strategy

We will wrap up with a Q&A session where attendees can share best practices and gain insights from our consultants. All attendees of this free 90-minute session will receive a planning worksheet to help them track to their goals after they implement their plans.

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