"Have the Courage to Fail, and the Faith to Succeed"

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Merchants is thriving, and our company is stronger than ever for our clients & employees.

It’s during the tough times that we learn the most about our companies, and each other. Throughout my 20-year career as CEO, I have had the opportunity to help companies thrive through previous crises—the burst of the Internet Bubble, terrorist attack on 9/11, and the financial industry meltdown. During this time, I developed the 7 plays in my Tough Times Playbook. In March, Merchants pulled out the playbook and acted quickly with two key tenants in mind: provide the best service in the industry to our clients, while maintaining the health & safety of our employees.

I am proud to say that because of the bright minds at our company, the methodical & strategic decisions we have made, and the clients who make it all possible, Merchants is thriving, and our company is stronger than ever for our clients & employees.

We wanted to share with you some reasons why Merchants is Stronger Than Ever.

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Leading Through Adversity: The Transformative Power of Humor

March was a very important time for Merchants Fleet. And, I’m not just saying that because the world went into their homes, and we were faced with the first pandemic in over 100 years. No, March was a big month for Merchants because we were in the midst of completing our capital raise and bringing on Bain Capital Credit as our growth financing partner—a 9-month intensive effort that was finally coming to a close. We were set to close on Friday, March 13th, and we were ecstatic that at 11:00 am that morning, the deal was complete, and Bain Capital Credit was officially our partner and would help fuel our company growth and the growth for our clients.


The Tough Times Playbook: A CEO’s Guide to Navigating Through Crisis - Play 1

I always work best with a plan, so it was important for me to find a way to communicate with the leadership team, the employees and the clients that would resonate, make sense and hopefully allow for some comfort in a time that feels uncomfortable. The Tough Times Playbook has been an anchor for me at the onset of a crisis, and my hope is that you too, will find something useful in what I share. Although I have had to shift some of the finer points throughout the years, the message has remained the same.

Here is the Tough Times Playbook.

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