Connected Automated Vehicles Are Coming: A Discussion on How to Prepare

A Webinar Featuring Jacobs, The World Economic Forum, & Bloomberg

Connected Automated Vehicles Are Coming: A Discussion on How to Prepare

Businesses are realizing the safety benefits of early-stage automated features in vehicles, and connected technology is already beginning to unlock a wealth of data about how vehicles can be used more efficiently. While fully connected automated vehicles (CAVs) may seem futuristic, companies are actively developing these capabilities today. In order to reap the benefits of this technology, savvy businesses can benefit from taking steps now to embrace this change.

This live discussion featured experts from the CAV, engineering, and fleet spaces to discuss why CAVs matter and actions businesses can take now to make sure they’re prepared for this shift.

  • Why CAVs Matter to Business Efficiency & Safety
  • Where CAV Technology is Today
  • Use Cases & Technologies That are Currently Being Tested & Developed
  • How Companies Can Start Preparing Now for CAV Implementation in the Future

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Brian Burkhard, Global Technology Leader – Advanced Mobility Systems, Jacobs
Tim Dawkins, Lead, Automotive & Autonomous Mobility, The World Economic Forum
Brad Jacobs, Director of Fleet Consulting, Merchants Fleet
Jennifer Bartashus, Senior Equity Research Analyst, Consumer Staples & Retail, Bloomberg Intelligence [Moderator]